Kelsey took me into Hendersonville last week for a girls day trip.  Downtown Hendersonville is one street with lots of boutiques and restaurants to peruse.

While window shopping we noticed Woodlands window front.  There was a bag that caught my eye, possibly a pillow, some linens and a blanket that would be perfect to cozy in while cruising down the road.


So I have been on the look out for the perfect side purse.  Something small, over the shoulder and can hold the importance.

Of course with Woodlands being the perfect little store I ended up spotting the perfect little purse.  img_1506

I was going to wait to buy it then Kelsey decided to buy it as my late birthday gift.


We spent a good amount of time browsing the store and I wanted to buy everything and put it all into that future tiny home I am imagining up in my mind.

This will be my go to store whenever I am in Hendersonville, NC.



Happy shopping friends…..


with love,


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