Thoughts and de-processing

We are back “home” or base or however we put it within the rv, van, full time travel routine.   It feels really good to be back somewhere that i know.  I know my bike routes, my coffee shops, grocery store and local eatery.  I also find comfort in seeing all the other locals.  It gives me some balance and a routine.

 We plan on heading farther west into California and wintering there.  When we go will depend on the weather systems coming through Utah and also through the sierras.  We did get Corniella all cleaned up inside and do a massive laundry night.  We also took a rest day. Walked around downtown, got breakfast at Moores family restaurant and got a hike in as well. 

I didn’t get to blog as much on the road as I would have liked so I will be getting all caught up on that. At the same time my mind is processing everything from the road, all I saw, felt and went through.  It was challenging, rewarding and exhausting all at the same time as well as exciting.  My expectations for this trip was met and wasn’t. I was able to see family I hadn’t in years, visit my best friend and nieces and meet some of Jordan’s family.  At the same time we spent a lot of time together and not at the same time.   I got to see a lot of the cities through the Midwest and parts of the east and Jordan spent a lot of time either driving or working. 

 We spent more time in the city and towns and little in nature.  My expectations where more on being in state parks, going to a national park, hiking, exploring nature and historical sites.  We did this but it was limited to the weekends and where we where at and with whom.  I spent a lot of time in cities I had never been to which led me to getting lost, balancing my fears of safety and comfort and trying to find things to do with in a specific time frame.  

 I was pushed and pulled out of my comfort daily.  I learned from it and in a way came out of it – hopefully stronger.  My worldview as well is slowly starting to reshape itself.  I don’t know how it wouldn’t. 

Anyways, I have a lot to organize and write and share. 

With love, 


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