A short stop in Merietta, Ohio

On our way to Hendersonville, NC from my hometown of Ashland, Ohio, Jordan and I took a pit stop in Merietta, Ohio.  We had time to grab a bite to eat, grab coffee and stroll around for a bit.

I mention Merietta, because one it’s an adorable cozy town situated at the edge of the Ohio River before you leave the state and enter into West Virginia.  The town has a lot to offer in local shops, local brews and restaurants. Secondly one of my cousins got married in the town in the Lafayette Hotel on the corner of Front and Ohio Street a little over three years ago. So it holds a special place in all of our hearts.  It’s that little reminder of where I was at in the time of my life.
It meant a little extra strolling around the town with Jordan along the river as I did three years ago.  It was like this coming to of remembering of what I was thinking, wanting and holding onto and at the same time trying to let go of.  The town was romantic and the mere fact that my cousin was getting married set the tone.  I though about love, romance, relationships and what it would be like strolling along the streets with someone and not just anyone. Someone I wanted to spend my time with, someone I could let in and also being a stronger version of myself mentally and emotionally. I thought a lot about whether I should let go of my past and hope for some future I didn’t t know would happen or not.   It was a lot of trust and faith in something I couldn’t see and had a hard time believing in.

Merietta is symbolic to me now.

Who I was, who I am now, who I was with and who I am with now.  How quickly life has changed and at the time I felt as if I would never be able to have what I wanted. That it would take too long and I would miss out.

And end sap……..

We stopped in at Merietta Brewing Company for beer and burgers.  The brewery itself had a good vibe. Live music on the weekends, brick walls, open, relaxing and it seems the brewery it in the local scene.  For my burger I had the Baja Black Bean and for beer I had the brewery’s Hop Smash. The burger tasted house made with a good flavor.

After the bar we stopped in at Wit & Whimzy to look for a gift for Aspen, my goddaughter. The store caught my eye with its eclectic Ohioian art and fanfare.  I bought Aspen a bamboo matching block game made locally in Ohio.  She loves it and her mother loves it even more for being simplistic.

The shop has only been open for a few months now and the owner is friendly and very inviting. The shop is clean and fun the stroll around in. I hope as well easy to find something to take home or to buy a gift for someone.

We hit up Jeremiah’s Coffee House for something for the long drive out.  It was lively for Sunday, people were friendly with a very Christian vibe.  The coffee was pretty good as well.

If your in Ohio and in the southern reaches I hope you see stop in Merietta. Take a stroll along the river and through the several blocks of downtown.  I wish we would of had more time to explore the area.

If you have been what did you think?

It looks like a good outdoorsy town and easy to bike around if your so inclined.

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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