Memorial Weekend…..

…. and just like that summer is here and the harsh spring has settled with warming temps, over flowing rivers and green mountains. 

I’m excited for the summer.  Music,  weekend day trips, evening hikes and bike rides.  Lots of dreaming and scheming. Summer nights get my creative nature flowing when the day temps drop just a few and while riding on my bike under the stars. 

This memorial weekend I took Saturday off for a wedding up in Duchesne.  We wound the evening in Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest just 30 minutes outside of Hanna, off of Highway 35. 

We were the only ones it seemed parking and camping up in the mountains this weekend.  The views and quiet solitude made it all worth it. 

Jordan made us a fire and then we sat out wrapped in our blankets looking up at the stars and getting the best view of the Northern Lights. 

The lights weren’t what I had expected.  I had never seen the Northern Lights before. Were we saw it, it was like light pollution from a large city.  Yet the glow wasn’t fully white and it danced across the sky.  It was wide and then it would go narrow…. shifting its position.  

Sunday morning Charlie and I explored the area a bit more in the light while Jordan made his coffee. When we were all ready we packed up and headed out looking for trails.  

Many of them were still snow packed. We did come upon a lot with trails that looked cleared enough for hiking.  We took one with a river running along it and plenty of fallen trees and a few spots with snow on the trails.  We stopped a few times for Charles to run and play along the river so he could chase bubbles. 

After our hike we headed into Kamas along our route for lunch.  

We stopped at Cuttingboard. Just in time before they closed for the day. (FYI-they have a veggie sandwich). 

We got back into Ogden in time for ice cream and an evening hike. 


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