Dinosaur Land -Utah

A few weekends ago Jordan and I took a short weekend trip up around my old stompinng grounds to hit up Dinosaur National Monument.
many moons ago when i lived out in roosevelt i had heard about Dinosaur National Monument but for some odd reason I never drove the extra 45 minutes out to explore it.  I have to say this was a fun trip and has me missing the southern utah desert.
we drove out saturday taking highway 40 from Heber City, Utah. We got in late that night and parked at the Green River Campground.  As the name suggests it is right next to the Green River.  The smell of campfires and those roasting marshmellows made me a little sad that we didnt have the material for our own campfire for smores….in due time.  we sat out at the picnic table and were able to view all of the multitude of stars.  did you know that the park is now registered as a dark sky park?  nothing beats being able to look up at the night sky and wonder whats out there……

Sunday we got up semi early had our yogurt and granola and then made it down to the vistors center to check out what we could get in a day.  We picked up our map of the park that had numbered points along the way and an explanation of what you where seeing.

The Quarry Exhibit was amazing since it is still is holding all of the bones of the dinosaurs. The archeologist who first dug wanted to preserve that spot for visitors to be able to see and learn.

After spending a good time at the Quarry reading all the material, looking at the pictures and admiring the wall of bones we took to the Club Creek Road heading towards Josie Morris Cabin.
The first spot on the way was the Swelter Shelter…..

many of the points of interest along the way were places that you could either pull over to get out and walk to or look as you drove by.  Since we only had the day we hit up the major areas and and read on each point as we came to it.

One of our big stops was at the end of the road to the Josie Morris Cabin.

She built and ranched until her death. Moving to the area after her divorce in her fourties.

The harshness of the climate, the hard work of cattle herding and raising then being so secluded…. I’m not sure I would be able to do such a thing myself….

but ask me in ten years and maybe I might have changed my mind on it.

From the cabin we took to the Hog Canyon trail hiking where Josie would corral her cattle in one of two canyons.

It was a beautiful Canyon that looked as if it was still in use by ranchers who still thrive in the area.

We hiked back into the canyon looking for signs of ancient civilization along the rock canyon walls.

At the end of the trail we were able to climb up the boulders and rocks.  We sat taking in the views and cool canyon breeze while we snacked.

After the hike we got back to the van heading back the way we came.  Looking at more spots we didn’t fully notice before.  The day was catching up to us so we opted for one more hike.

We stopped at the trail of The Sound of Silence.  This is a 2 and a half hour rugged hike through slick rock, gulches, sand and wide open areas.

This so far has been one of my favorite desert hikes.  It’s rough and your not fully aware of where your coming up to until your finally up above it all and looking out.

The fauna and flora here was some of the best.  There is still a plant that we got a whiff of that lingers on our minds.

We haven’t been able to figure it out.

After the hike it was time for us to start heading back on the road for home.  We made one last stop in Vernal for ice cream and drove the three hours back home.

With love


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