Ogden Twilight Series

 Ogden is entering its third year for the Twilight Series. Last year, I went to the concerts every Thursday night and I am working on doing just that again this year.  

What a great way to spend a warm June evening! Basking in the sun with a cold beer. 
Last week was my big 30th and Ok Go was the headliner.  I pretended as if it was my own private concert with you know… all of Ogden and possibly Salt Lake City. 

I have generally gone by myself and randomly ran into friends who I then end up hanging out with for the rest of the night.  I am always surprised of who’s hanging out enjoying local and big time artist. 

 I’m looking forward to seeing The Shins and Mike Snow in the coming weeks….. 

There are plenty of great ways to get to the amphitheater on 25th street:

1. Walking

2. Taking the front runner

3.  Buses 

4. A peddy cab

5. Biking- free VIP bike parking!!!

6. Driving- with plenty of free parking…. 
It’s $10 at the doors or you can buy online – http://www.ogdentwilight.com 

With love, 


What music festivals are you going to this summer? 

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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