We are here! Portland that is.

It was a very quick move, Jordan's boss called him at the end of June, discussions were had and within a short three weeks we packed it all up and moved to Portland, Oregon.

We have been out here for a little over a week and there has been a lot of exploring in all of the neighborhoods. And there are a lot. It's almost like lots of small towns in a city.

Portland has a lot of bike ways within the city and outer banks so it makes bike commuting a cinch. There's ice cream stores, shops, tap houses, restaurants, food trucks, coffeehouse, bike shop, grocery stores all within a walk or quick bike ride. There is a good portion of the community who bike commute so you don't feel so foreign.

If in one neighborhood you don't want what they have there is within 10 minutes another neighborhood to get to.

There are trees and tree galore with plenty of city neighborhood parks as well. Maintained and well kept for everyone to enjoy. The trees have helped to make me feel more at ease and at home being somewhere unfamiliar and new to me.

Our first full day we got in a nice walk up to Laurelhurst park with Charlie. Afterwords we got coffee planned out what we would do and then rode our bikes to downtown Portland. The big Portland Market held on Saturdays and Sundays was in full action, we rode around people watched riding along the waterfront park way that goes along the Willamette River.

We grabbed lunch in the Pearl District then riding back through downtown over a bridge into the NE district all the way into the Mt Tabor district then crawling ourselves to the very top of Mt. Tabor to the park.

We sat at the top of the park over looking the city, snacks and water in hand.
This… is the place.

This will be home, for better or worse.

We rounded it all out by bombing down and heading into the Hawthorne neighborhood. We walked around the hat stores and the mega vintage store.

Our legs beat up from a long day of riding through the city we headed back to the van for shut eye for the week ahead.

With love,

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