City of Rocks- Idaho 


A city that has towers of rocks, it's floors dirt with small creeks, your shops nestled within trees….. imagine a city you can climb, hike and blouder through… a city that creates imagination….
  For an early summer weekend trip Jordan I headed out to City of Rocks National Preserve.   It's a two hour drive from Ogden, Utah.   We jetted out Saturday evening after I was off of work, dumping tanks and filling water.  Neither of us had heard of City of Rocks only using our maps one night for quick jaunts for day trips within a 2 hour radius,  did we stumble upon it.   After talking to several friends, locals and customers we found out that it's a haven for rock climbers. 

Almo is the tiny little town that sits outside of the park with a small pizzeria that has a small beer shop and quick snacks.  It is I believe the only thing open 7 days a week.  The women who runs it is very welcoming and kind.   We tried to make it before it closed Saturday night but had just missed it.  We were still able to grab a few local out of state beers and snacks. 

 We were able to get a free camping space right outside of Almo in the BLM area.   What's fun and nerve wracking about these areas is your never fully sure what you will get.  How the terrain will be and sometimes you barely just skid your van to the first spot you come to and call it good without risking any more possible damage.   These spots do lead to some amazing views when you wake up.   

 On Sunday we woke had our coffee and breakfast and gently headed out of our camp spot.   We made it into the park around 9am and hiked throughout the day till 3 or 4. 

We drove along the park road passing a ranch that has been in operation with one of the first white settlers.  When first coming into the park you'll pass the old farm house structure built out of old rock and mortar.  It's expensive what people will do to settle what doesn't want to be naturally settled. 

You'll pass signs of what used to be the California Trail.  Marks left on rocks rugged out by wagon wheels, names sketched out with axel gease on boulders along with a civilization that passed before. 

For hiking we combined several smaller trails that we made into a hike that lasted about two hours.

We followed along small streams, hiked under canopies of large boulders, a diverse area of lower alpine and desert floral. It tricked our senses and we were constantly smelling everything that was around us.

Sounds as well from animals and humans alike. Everything was amplified as if being in a small outdoor theater.

This is differently a fun trip to do in the spring and fall. It's away from the crowds of Moab with still a desert feel. There is a lot to draw your attention whether it be history, climbing, hiking or horseback riding. There's a bit for everyone and something you can combine all together.



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