Astoria and Cape Disappointment….

The last weekend of July we spent Saturday and Sunday in Astoria and Cannon Beach. Checking out the towns and two of the state parks next to each.

We watched whales outside of Astoria as we were heading to Cape Disappointment, I was mesmerized by Astoria itself.

It creates a story in itself, the barges, the fisheries, the way the town sits along the Columbia just off of the Pacific itself. Trees and hills sweeping down into the shores. It’s an ethereal feel to the area along with the homes that are worn from weather and sea.

After walking around town we grabbed smoothies from Astoria Coffee House. Which was only the first out of two times in one day we went to Astoria Coffee House. We grabbed coffee later that evening on our way down towards Cannon Beach.

We headed over to the other side of the Gorge to Cape Disappointment on the Washington side.

We got there with just enough time to do a quick tour of the Lewis and Clark interpretive Center. Then walking out and exploring the old Fort Canby.

From the interpretive center there is a trail you can take that goes out to the Lighthouse that is still in operation today. It goes up along views of the coast and meandering in and out of tall forests.

After sometime at the lighthouse we took the trail back to the parking lot where there is a small beach access.

All along the coastal beaches are downed tree logs washed up. The boulders and logs make some fun and creative way for beach goers to create small shelters or to just climb on looking for tide pools in between cracks.

After playing along the beach we headed back to the van. I really enjoyed this park. They had showers and a really nice dump station for R.V’s.

We were able to do both before heading back towards Astoria and highway 101 towards Cannon Beach for a place to park for the night.

With Love

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