There has been some new followers so I wanted to do a quick update get to know me post today.

So hello to my new and continued followers!

In recents weeks I have moved to Portland, Oregon from Utah.

On the weekends I #weekendwarrior with my boyfriend and pup. Heading out to new and old areas to explore.

We hike, bike, try local restaurants, coffee shops and breweries.

I regularly post once a week on past and recent weekend trips.

All of our trips are generally done within a 1 to 3 hour radius of us. So where ever you live there is always something right outside your backdoor to explore, get out and love where you live.

We also #vanlife it, so to speak. We have a regular place we park that we rent and through the week bike commute to work, grocery shop, out to eat… basically all of it until Friday or Saturday when we head out for our destination.

So now that you have a snippet of me, I would love to hear from you my readers!
Please comment, share like and tell me a little something about you?

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3 thoughts on “Hello!

    • Thank you ExpandingAtlas for the follow, like and your comment.

      I only use my IPhone6 and pictures from the BF are taken on his IPhone7.

      I usually take several pictures in different positions if I have time or take a closer picture of the subject.
      I appreciate your comment, trying to get better at taking a picture with also wanting to enjoy my surroundings.

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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