Cannon Beach and Ecola State Parking

Saturday night after exploring Astoria and Cape Disappointment we drove down towards Cannon Beach.   We drove through cannon beach and without finding a good spot to park for the night we kept heading south until we reached Manzanita.

We parked at an overlook with ocean, beach and the lights of Manzanita and called it good.  In the morning we headed into town for coffee and to stretch our legs.  We walked along the beach and then stopped at Bread and Ocean for mandatory coffee.  It’s a cute little bakery that seems to be a hopp’n place on the weekends in summer.

With coffee in hand we drove back up to Cannon Beach.

Like many of the towns along 101 in Oregon the forest reach all the way to the edge of the ocean, rocks edging out of cliffs spilling out along the beaches, small homes with hydrangeas, roses, lavender and peonies lining fences.  The city of of Cannon Beach has several blocks of local shops, restaurants, coffee shops and candy shops.  For late breakfast we stopped at Crepe Neptune.

We eventually made our way to the beach taking pictures at Haystack Rock and peering into the tide pools.

Ecola was our next destination just a little ways up the road from Cannon Beach.   We hiked along the Oregon Coast Trail, weaving in and out of the dense forest and along cliffs over looking the ocean and beaches below.

We hiked down off of the main trail… once it ended by trail damage….(sorry). We got to explore the beach more or less to ourselves. Other families had started climbing back up to the main trail. We found tide pools and climbed around all the rocks…

Charlie ran and explored the beach himself sniffing and peeing on everything he could.

By the time we finished we were all ready for some food and to relax for the trip back home.

When we got back to the van we were able to clean off our feet and paws with our outside shower.  It’s a great feature to have.

We went back to Astoria and had beers and food at Fort George brewery.



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