Columbia Gorge part 2

Sunday in Gorge

Sunday morning we drove back to HoodRiver for breakfast.

We sat outside with Charlie and everyone else enjoying the weather from Portland.

After breakfast we jetted up to Cascade locks to head over to the Washington side to hike Beacon Rock.

The trail starts off on dirt trails through woods making its way up to the monolith rock and then takes you quickly up the rock through switchbacks with railings, rocks and wood.  You finally make your way to the top of the rock where you are greeted by trees, dirt, rocks and of course the final vista spot of views of the Columbia River.

Jordan and I together did this in an hour and a half.  Some areas are strenuous, especially if you are scared of heights and cliffs.  I’d give it a moderate to hard trail….the views are worth it though.


We then went back into Oregon via bridge of the gods into cascade locks.

Right underneath the bridge was our next trail a partial 3 mile along the PCT (pacific crest trail) to a waterfall.  I might have needed out a bit over the fact I was hiking a sliver of the PCT.  it’s been on my bucket list to hike from Lower California up into Washington.

We took Charlie on this with us and like always he was a champ loving every bit of it and getting annoyed anytime we stopped.   He especially enjoyed near the end when we finally reached the stream and waterfall and he could rest is paws.

Like most of the hikes out in the forest here, everything is large and fairy dreamy like.  I’m always amazed to see such large leaves and rich green color everywhere.  It’s dense back through there so I always have to check myself so I don’t go wondering off trail.

This trail took us several hours to hike. After we got back we headed over to the Marine Park in Cascade Locks and walked around Thunder Island to end the day.

The Gorge has so much to offer and since it’s such a short drive away it’s easily doable for a day trip from Portland.


Any readers from Portland or have been?

What are your favorite hikes in the area?

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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