The Columbia Gorge part 1

Its been… Oh I’d say Three weeks since moving to Portland.

After that first full weekend Jordan and I took the weekend to explore the Columbia Gorge.

Saturday in Gorge

We took the Historic Columbia River Hwy getting off near Troutdale and heading through the winding roads of Corbett.

We first stopped at Vista House

Then down a bit to Latourall Falls…

I really enjoyed the look of the bridge and over time moss taking it over.

Our final destination was Multnomah Falls….

We cut off of the Historic Hwy to take hwy 30.  Traffic was backed up with everyone wanting to park in the smaller lot, we opted for the bigger parking lot.


At Multnomah we visited the gift shop and visitor center and took pictures on the lower end of the falls.  The crowds on a Saturday in July was massive.
We then jetted up up to Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatcher.

I had never been to a fish hatchery before or had seen “fish ladders” at Dams.  I’m still not sure how I feel about Dams, I understand that it’s a way to get power and not from coal but a piece of me, that naturalist is a bit saddened by them.  Nature loses its charm and beauty by these beasts.  Yet, I suppose Oregon is trying to regain its salmon run with the hatchery and the “fish ladders”.

I was impressed and amazed by all of the fish heading up river to spawn and to keep the cycle of life going.

They also have a counter to keep record of each species of fish that come through each season.

After the dam and hatchery we drove up to HoodRiver. We walked around town, got food, ice cream and then walked along the river.

By the time we were finished with our walk in had gotten dark so we headed back to the van and called it a night.

We parked a few miles up the hwy at a rest stop….nothing two fancy for us. Ha!


– let me know in the comments… have you been to the Columbia Gorge? What is your favorite place to visit there?

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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