Newport and Florence Oregon

“Oh a coastal life for me…la da la da….”

We drove back down to the coast a week after our first trip to Astoria and Cannon Beach.
This trip was for Newport and Florence Oregon.
We drove down Saturday morning after breakfast in Portland.
I love the fact that we are only a good three hours away from the coast. Talk about just a day trip if that’s all you have. Possibly soon that might just be what we will have for a little bit, as I will finally be serving tables again come next week.
The first stretch was Newport and the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
We opted for a season pass. It’ll pay for itself in two visits for two people, so why not?

It’s a smaller aquarium but still jammed backed with lots of marina animals outside and inside.
We spent an hour going through everything, though you could spend more time reading everything and if your with children.

We eventually made our way Saturday to Rogue Brewing. I have always loved their beers and their fish and chips and chowder were of course super delicious and fresh as well.
Since school season is in force I had their school ale with a dollar going to local schools in the area.
Heading into the restaurant portion we were a bit confused but delighted to go through a portion of the brewery itself.
Made me wish for a full on Brewery tour.

That night we drove down to Florence. We walked around town, got ice cream and discretely parked the van.

This is usually one of our stresses when going away. Where to park? If there is good planning on our parts then we luck out with a quiet and safe place.

Sunday morning we had coffee and a breakfast cookie Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters. We sat outside on the deck along the river. Peaceful, quiet and a cool start to the day.

Our big visit for the day was the Haceta Head lighthouse and lighthouse home tours.

The old lighthouse homestead has now been turned into a bed and breakfast and events.

The lighthouse is still run today with the Coast Guard looking after it now.

After our tours we drove once more back to Newport for of course chowder at MO’s original chowder house.

Yummm…. just go here.

And now pictures……

So friends, what is your favorite coast trip? What about Oregon coast? What place have I missed and must do?

Let me know in comments!

Venture on!

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