So far….

It's now been over a month since moving to Portland.

We have managed to get ourselves a spot at an RV park. We are hoping for this to be short term for us.
Once winter comes we will still need to winterize and we won't have showers and bathrooms at this park.
It's also way farther out of town for us, making commuting longer than we'd like for biking.

I have had two job interviews and am still looking.

I typically go out everyday to a different neighborhood. I'll go to a coffee shop to write and to do online applications. I will then go and walk around the shops handing in my resume as well.

I realize there is just a lot of competition for jobs out here.

Keeping positive and upbeat can be difficult at times, especially when you start feeling defeated and overwhelmed by new places, people and my case your sense of direction.

I take it in as best as I can, working with what I've got.

Having more time to write has felt really good. Having a creative outlet has helped me to stay positive when it doesn't feel like it won't get any easier. It reminds me that those hard days give me something to write about.

Having these days where I am riding around on my bike taking in the scenes, learning about Portland, the people.

The everyday life of Portland.


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