Mansions, food and the park

On Sunday Jordan and I stayed within Portland vicinity due to running errands for the van on Saturday and me having an interview.

We still had a great time and where able to recharge for the week.

For Sunday breakfast we went to Genies Cafe on Division and 11th. The wait was only 15 minutes and we comfortably sat in the coffee shop portion while we waited for a table. You can also order your coffee and sip on while you wait.
-The Florentine Omelette with a Mocha was delightful.

After breakfast we wanted to explore a little of the northwest corridor so we headed up to the Pittock Mansion.

The Pittock Mansion was built in 1914 as a family home to the Pittocks in their later years with their grown children and their families, it is now a historic museum.

We took a tour through second and third floors. Our tour guide explained the family and their significance to the building of Portland.

Our tour guide was wonderful and answered questions that we had. Sunday seemed to be a busy day for the grounds and the home itself.

After visiting the mansion we went to Elephants Delicatessen for a snack.
I had never been to anything as this deli is was amazing and overwhelming all at once.

They had a full deli, with variety of cheeses, crackers, sandwiches, beer, wine and even a ice cream bar. We grabbed sodas, a cheese dip that was recommended by one the deli guys and some French bread and of course dark chocolate to top it all off.
For something low key and just the right touch this seems to be the place to take Friends or family visiting from out of town or to grab a quick “fancy” picnic.

We drove over to the Sandy River Delta Dog off leash park for Charlie to run around and explore. And for all of us to get in some good walking.
There isn’t any actual trail signs just lots of trails meandering through out the park, of course the river delta to play in and lots and lots of room for your dogs to run around to play off leash. I would say we all enjoyed it, even trying to find our way back to the van.
Charles had a good nap afterwords so I would say it was a big hit.

By the time we were all done with the park Jordan took me over the Edgefield-McMenamins. Since we first met he has been talking about these strange McMenamin concept all-in-one places.

Turns out the hype was all justified.
Edgefeild used to be a poor house and when it had been unused building the McMenamin brothers came in bought the building and turned it into a destination place.

With a hotel, event space, gardens, music venue, bars, restaurants, Brewery, wine cellars, speak easies with the theme of what it once was with just a bit of goth to it.

It was a relaxing place to have a beer and pizza out in one of the sheds turned cocktail houses in the gardens.

Sunday turned out to be a great day exploring bits and parts of Portland. A different view from the weekly stuff. Sometimes all we have is the weekend or portion of a weekend to be able to relax and regain composure for the week ahead.

Stress of life can sometimes be overwhelming and make us off balance. Looking forward to the weekend in what ever measure… Checking out a new restaurant, store, a trail, bike ride, museum can help to get us out of weekly funks and to clear our minds.

I suppose this is why I blog here. We all have challenges big or small. Sometimes we are confused about where we are in life, sometimes it feels like everything just seems to be hitting you all at once. It’s overwhelming, I get it.
Getting outside, moving around, looking around. Seeing something in a different perspective helps. Sometimes all we have are the memories and the experiences we have had.

I enjoy making new memories and having experiences where I am seeing and learning something new.
It helps on the days when the dog has gotten fleas, the van needs repairs and your not sure how your going to go through winter living in a van when you have to winterize and you can’t just move to warmer climate and you haven’t had a job in over a month.
Getting out and playing helps to destress and to focus on one thing at a time.
I have come to learn wherever you live there is always something new for you to discover and create that little bit of travel.


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