Ambitions of love

I’ve lost myself somewhere out on I80 and somewhere in between.

From who I was then and who I am now.

Falling and building and rebuilding

You say “story of my life”

well this, this is the story of mine

Gaining purpose to having purpose

A smile in my eye

Light on my lips

Knowing who I am

A dance in my step

The cities with all their glimmer

All their placid lights

All the street filled cans

Drained me out like fluid on the streets

Puddles you don’t step in

“That ain’t water… it hasn’t rained in months” they say

No that’s someone’s worth all but flushed out

She smiles but it isn’t pretty

It isn’t what it looked like before

Miles and sun locked on her skin

Ambitions of love were only an errand fools job

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