Winter Hiking Adventures

temperatures have dropped over here in northern north carolina and i have been finding it hard to get myself outside to go hiking.  i’ll confuse i have been dreaming of a bit warmer weather and less ice on the trails to get back to it.  i have managed to get out a few times to go hiking.

christmas eve i stuck close and hiked slick rock in pisgah national forest.  as usual, i generally pick my trails by the difficulty, length and of course the climb.  with it being the off-season and winter the dirt road (475B) off of davidson river road is closed so you have to park at the gate and then hike up the road to the trailhead.




my next adventure i headed to mount mitchell state park to hike up to the summit of mount mitchell.   if you are doing the whole trail from the park office starting at the old mitchell trail to summit it is a 6. 1 mile hike one way.   due to ice on the trail and hiking by myself, i decided to turn around at a bridge after the restaurant.   there were a lot of people getting off the trail and just walking up the road to the summit lookout area.  i decided to head back to the truck and drive back. ha.  it was beautiful and i enjoyed the drive to get to mount mitchell.  i stopped in black mountain after for some food and to check look around before i headed back.




on new years day, i hiked john rock.  parking is at the pisgah wildlife education center.  you’ll take cat gap loop for a couple miles till you come to the john rock trail.  i made this an in and out rather than doing the full loop.  i rather enjoyed this trail for the length and some elevation.  i kept myself moving just so that i wouldn’t get cold.




Winter still isn’t over and i am sure there are plenty more cold adventures to be had.

with love,


so where have you hiked recently?




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