Happy Valentines!

I am today sitting in a Starbucks drinking a very large mocha while people watching. Surprisingly not so much fan fair with the day.

You know I kinda wouldn’t mind walking into a place with it decked out in hearts of all shapes and sizes.

If I am not kissing someone today at least give me a good chuckle.

Make it a little silly and playful rather than so much pressure to be romantic in gesture.

Although I enjoy those sentiments as well.

Today, I am allowing myself to daydream and to be playful in whatever notion I have.

3,000 miles is a long ways and even though I would love to be snuggled up into someones arms today I also want to take care of myself again.

To feel confidant when I stand in a room full of people, to not take myself so seriously, Make up my own silly, romantic songs as I am biking through town, Dance in the isle in stores, be a little brave to do something a little daring for myself, challenge myself as a women in the outdoors a traveler a writer.

Be a little more hopeful in love again.  Believe in love for myself again and not just for everyone else.

with love,


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