Second Coffee

Happy Saturday!  
I am sitting currently in a small beach cafe looking out the window to the Atlantic Ocean. 
Having what I call “second coffee” of the morning.  I woke up early to head out on my bike for a leisure ride to Wrightsville Beach.   I rode along the River to Sea trail passing mainly the ‘old man early riders’. 

I have been working on creating up little adventures for myself.  Half and full day rides where I am able to go and explore in and around Wilmington. 

I miss waking up early heading out the on the road grabbing coffee and going off to explore new places.   I miss being outdoors and out in nature.  

I find it a little harder to do on my own.  It’s not that I don’t like doing things on my own but I got used to and comfortable exploring with someone else.   It was the new normal.  It’s easier to call off an adventure when the weather isn’t ‘just right’ or sleep in a little longer because I’m staying up late to read. 

Side note, I was reading another blog the other day and she had talked about ‘single things’.  (Something you only do while single).  I believe mine is reading. I mean, I read one book right after another.   While in a partnership I don’t read so often.  My days are filled up a little more.   Reading fills in the spaces.  Its a lot of re-reading Jane Austen. I have been working on the Bronte sisters but they are a little dark for my taking. 

Well I think that does it for this post.  I am going to go head out on the beach, explore some shops and bike a little more. 

With love, 


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