Day Trip: Natural Science Museum NC

Yesterday we (Kelsey, Aspen and Yoshi and I) had a girls trip up to Raleigh. I had the day off and Kelsey needed to get a new phone at the apple store. The closest one two hours away in Raleigh.

It was a good way to take advantage for a day trip. I had never been and Kelsey had told me about The Natural Science Museum that is massive. It is.

We got coffee here in Wilmington, got snacks at Whole Foods and left for the bigger city.

We spent hours in the North Caroline Natural Science Museum. The Little’s had themselves a good time running (rolling) from one section to the next.

By the time we got there we had missed most of the toddler time activities. I don’t think it mattered much to Aspen. She enjoyed exploring at her own pace and seeing everything else. We stopped and lingered at some of our favorite subjects. The girls, the fishies, me climate/weather station and Kelsey astronomy and paleontology rooms.

We had left right around 430 and as we were leaving the building Aspen decided then that she had left her ‘baby’. By the time we reached the car she was in full melt down over it and we were deciding after not finding it in the car if we should go back for it, if it would still be there and if we would find it and if this should just be a learning lesson about being good stewards of our toys.

I went back to go see if there was anything to be found. I went in talked to the front desk and as I was heading up to the second floor a family was walking out and over hearing me talking about Babydoll said they had found one and knew where it was. We walked up to the floor where they had seen it and sadly it was gone. I left my name and number for the museum ‘just Incase’. We then started for the Beer Garden and just as we were parking we got a call saying that housekeeping had found it. We drove back retrieved it and in when Aspen woke from her nap she had it in her arms.

Super thankful to the front desk and the housekeepers at the NC Natural Science Museum. A meltdown and broken heart of a three year old is never fun to watch and experience.

We ended the night at The Beer Garden. We split a flight of sours are some good food and enjoyed the heat lamps outside. The Little’s started waking up and had fun dancing and running around the front patio.

I have missed day trips and activities like this. It was decided that our next day trip should be in Charleston.

Planning has begun.

All in all not a shabby way to start the new week off.

With love,


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