Beach Days


I have spent the last several months working a lot and very varied hours.  on my days off i try to spend the days on the beach.  we typically head over to wrightsville beach and every few weeks we head up to topsail.  topsail is a 45 min drive so we tend to go up on days when we don’t have to rush.

wrightsville is just a quick 10 min drive from the house so its one we can get to easily for a quick afternoon outing or head over for a walk on the beach in the evening.  i also am able to bike to wrightsville with an hour ride.  its a good ride to do in the morning and stop for coffee.

the nieces got sand toys for easter so they have been enjoying building and playing more in the sand.  its also a good way for them to make friends quickly.

the last little while has been an emotional ride. going to the beach has been a good way to relax, refocus, play have a little calm in all the chaos.

today i finally took a dip in the ocean. i let the waves slam up on me watching as they came in till finally my body until i got accustomed to the temperature and under i went.

in theology, ancient religions there is a lot of symbolism with water, rivers, seas.  a purification of the body and spirit, a baptism if you are accustomed to Christianity.   this has been on my mind lately.  how much i am drawn to water and how it seems to release and have a cleansing affect.

i certainly use nature has a way to play and it has an effect to bring out the playfulness in me but i also see nature as a spiritual arena.  solitude, quietness, a way to go inward to fully see the outward journey.

besides all of that i have been enjoying the beach, the ocean, people watching, collecting seashells and learning about the topography and geography of eastern north carolina.

and now the pictures……









with love,


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