An evening swim

It’s a full moon tonight and I bathed in the Atlantic this evening.

It was glorious, peaceful, mesmerizing, uplifting, relaxing and most of all fun.

I’ve been swimming a lot this month. The ocean is back to being warm and it’s been the best way for me to find calmness in all of the madness of life.

I miss the desert and mountain trails but the days and evenings I am able to walk out passed the break and flow along with the waves. It makes up for not being able to hike.

I sometimes just want to have a beach house over looking the ocean where I can just wake up at sunrise swim and then at sunset swim some more.

It’s the water, it’s always been calming to me. The simplicity of water and air bubbles gliding passed your face and body as an effect, sensation that I can’t seem to get enough of. It reminds me of my childhood. Days spent swimming and trying to master the perfect underwater strokes.

If I could be a fish… I would be a fish swimming around all day long.

With love,


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