On the road to getting my wings

Thursday morning I drove up to Charlotte, NC for a face to face group interview with an airline for a potential to become a flight attendant.   I have been preparing myself for the last year.  I’ll find out within a few weeks if I get hired on and go for training.


I feel I am more prepared now with where I am at in life to be a flight attendant than at any other time in my short life.  Its probably the only career that I could do well with with my constant roaming.  So many others I know worry about the struggle of wanting to maintain some sort of stability and I seem to go right into places where there isn’t any.

The interview wasn’t as rough as what I had perceived it would be.  I was rather calm for the whole thing and just remembered to go with whatever happened and not to over think any of it, and to certainly not let this be the end all be all mentality I normally go for.   If I get it, I get it and that will be wonderful but I also still have a job and there are plenty of other opportunities out there and that it was a good way to fully practice what I have been learning in the last year.

It was also great to get to meet other applicants and to see who I might be training and working with in the near future.

as all of my adventures I stayed right outside of Charlotte and slept in the car in a Walmart parking lot.  it felt needed, its been a little while.  though sleeping in a car versus a comfy van with a fan and a full bed is much nicer.

My drive ended up being 5 hours on Thursday getting up there so I had a lot of time to think about where I have been and where I am wanting to go.  All the places I have lived and where else I would like to live and places to visit.

So on my research for the interview process I came across a youtube video of a young women and her process and what she wore and make up.  The dress I got was from banana republic and it was due to her video that I got it.   I got the Ponte Sheath Dress from Banana Republic  and I also got my shoes there as well.  The Madison 12-hour pump.



On my research I also bought an audible book to listen to while I was working.   The Cabin Crew Interview Made Easy by Caitlyn Rogers.  She goes over the process of the interview and what to except along with hidden secrets at the face to face interview and the last few chapters interview questions and how you would answer them.  I have to say just that part was amazing and well worth it.

Anyways, I am looking forward to the journey to becoming a crew member for an airline.

with love,

jessica raye


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