On Getting my Wings- Part Two

My time in Wilmington, NC is coming to a close. My whole reason for coming here has been solely on getting an airline position as a flight attendant and I can excitedly say that I have been offered and I have accepted a spot for training. I leave the first week of September.

There has been a lot that I have been trying to get down and prepare for. Namely working on getting my passport, which has become a hassle due to North Carolina and getting a State ID. It’s getting sorted out and with some luck, money and a whole lot of prayers I will have my passport by the end of the week.

I have a list of items that I will be getting at Target and two duffle bags I will be packing and living out of.

I am so thankful for everyone around me right now who has been helping me and pushing me towards this.

It’s taken me some years to finally say “yeah, I should be a flight attendant.” And a little more consoling and preparing for it to get to this part.

5 years to be exact.

So thank you Kelsey, for telling me the first week we met that I should be a flight attendant and everyday since. I think twizzlers where involved as well.

Well what an adventure this will be. 🙂

With love,


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