Boat day in Wilmington, NC


i am currently in my flight attendant training and to be truthful enjoying it at the moment more than i thought i would.   the week before heading out i was in this weird funk i couldn’t seem to get out of until i finally got into my class and was able to pass my first test.

i’ve talked to several other trainee’s and they all felt the same the week before getting here.

anyways, for now i think that is all i am going to mention about training.  it is intense and there is a lot of studding and learning involved and adjustment.  give or take for some people.


this post i am going to talk about my boat day i had a week ago.  a friend offered my best friend and i a day out on her boat.  it was our full girls day. we got to play, relax and enjoy the water.  no interruptions, no bad weather, no stress just plain enjoyment.

      ***FYI as of now there is Hurricane Florance getting ready to hit this area in just a few days.  So if you have any family, friends out in North Carolina or South Carolina be sure to catch up on them.   
                   ***Kelsey and girls I know you have this***


our friend took us out on the intercoastal waterways.  (the area inbetween mainland, islands and the big open ocean)  we started down around masonboro island and drove up inbetween wrightsville beach and figure 8 island.  we parked in the inlet with all the other boaters and used the inlet has our own personal lazy river.

the sun was out, the tempature was perfect.  we had great company and conversation.  we let the wind on our faces as we sped along the intercoastal, waving at all the other boaters.


what i have noticed in the south and especially along the coast is that time seems to slow down. calmness ensues and things can just wait, it’ll be there waiting for you and you have time.

i enjoy this pace of life. now more than before.


the whole day i couldn’t help but to smile and to laugh.  the coast, when it wants has this serene calmness to it.  a romantic beauty – the movies don’t give the place justice.


thank you to our friends who invited us out for such a wonderful.  it was absulutly the best way to enjoy my last day in wilmington before leaving for training.

We also stopped at Dockside Bar for some dinner to cap the day off. It’s differently the place to go for seafood in the Wilmington/Wrightsville area. Non-boaters can also access on the road side. They have live music on the weekends, you over look the water, great chowder and drinks. What more could you ask for besides the company you keep. Unless you like to dine alone. -Which is fine. I do all the time.

Could I see myself living right up on the coast? Yes, especially days like the one I had. And plenty others that I have had this past little while. A little nook of a home where I can sit and write and look out to the water.

Anyways, time for more studding and sleeping before the next day.

…… my posts are going to be a bit short for the next month while i am in training, so I apologize for the half hazerdness.

with love,


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