Southern most of Texas

I had a day to explore in Brownsville, Texas and I am glad that I did. It was leisurely and I certainly liked that but I can certainly say I hit only .01% of what this town has to offer when it comes to history, food, and outdoor activities.

-side note if you have a bike, use it and explore. It would be in your advantage.

I first started the day as most exploring days with coffee. I located a coffee shop in town and close to everything. 7th&Park Coffee and bike shop. While I waited for my coffee I walked around the bike shop and envisioned myself hoping on one and riding. The coffee was delicious and most important hot.

7th street has many of the museums, gallery and a zoo all off of the old railway road.

After my coffee I walked down the road to Historic Brownsville Museum and Railway Museum. $6 will get you a ticket to walk around and explore, learn about the history of the town. Brownsville itself has been at the hot bed of much of the history of Mexico, independence of Texas and statehood. Commerce and trades between Mexico and Europe. It has been apart of several battles and one of the old forts still stands today.

After the Museum I decided to go and do my own walking tour around downtown. I took 7th until I hit E Washington St. I had I always do meandered in and out of streets. Waiting until I came upon something that would catch my eye. That so happened when I came upon Maria Bonita Boutique.

The shop was adorable, friendly and inviting atmosphere from the shop owner. If you are into Jewelry this shop is your place.

Along with downtown is the TSC Campus and on the campus is where Fort Brown stood. Much of the Fort still stands and along campus you can do a walking tour of the fort.

I then ended my afternoon with fish tacos at El Amigo Seafood Restaurant. It is by many of the hotels.

There is plenty more I wish I would of had time to explore in and around Brownsville. I hear the zoo in town is one of the top 10 in the states. I kinda now wish I hadn’t passed that up but am still glad of what I got to see and do in town.

With love


P.S 🙂 Lauren for you.

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