Hallmark Christmas ramble


I seem to be a little out of practice on here.  Not sure why I really need to state that, something to say get things moving along I suppose.   The last couple of months have flown by and at times I am still not sure what is up or down.  I have passed everything with training and have been flying for the last month and a half.  There are some fun times to it and well dull times too.  Most jobs are this way.   I do enjoy it, it has a little bit of everything for me and not at all as glamourous as you think it is.   At least not regional.

I have Christmas Music playing hoping to get me into a writing mood.    It’s the first of the season that I have, there have been aplenty of Christmas movies.  Thank you Hallmark for making my overnights gloriously all Christmas cheese/cry fest.  It’s been a treasure this season so far.  Making all of our hopes and dreams in Christmas magic.  I mean no one actually falls in love in three days before Christmas and does everyone have to have some sort of Christmas themed shop?  But whatever, I am buying it only because you show a cute old man that resembles Mr. Christmas himself at some point in the movie to bring joy and love to all of us hopeless Christmas romantics.

I’m a critic and hopeless.

Anyways, on my overnights I do enjoy walking around the towns taking pictures of all the Christmas cheer.  Though I have noticed many house (90%) are not decked out in Christmas lights.   My 9 year old self is a bit disappointed and sad.  I understand there are people who don’t celebrate Christmas, their not christians, there is no extra money to put up lights, most houses are abandoned.  Christmas looks rather glum in most places these days which aha we watch Hallmark.  It also snows on Christmas Day as well in places it’s not supposed to as well.  Hallmark, we just all need to live in Hallmark Channel.  It would solve like 90% of our issues I’m sure.

So in Christmas spirit and some of the towns that I have visited here are some Christmas spirit….

With love

What’s your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie?
…Amber, I might have opened my gift early…Thank you! I love it.

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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