What Day is it again?

I am in New Mexico currently sitting in my hotel room.   This week has already flown by for myself, as a new flight attendant I am still working on the adjustment of time seeming to elapse by.  

 We joke within the industry that we don’t know what day it is and more than likely we don’t know what time it is either.   The consempt of month, weeks and days are gone to us.  We live on trip time, i.e.  Day three of day six or so on.  

Another one that I don’t remember which had just happened to me as I was making an anoucement was remembering what town or city we are just landing in or leaving.   For some reason my brain was on a town that we weren’t flying into and it wanted to say that.  I had to stop before making my anoucement and ask a gentlemen sitting in the back next to what city we were in. 

So if any body wanted to know a little something about working as a flight attendant there you have it. 

You won’t remember what day it is, what month it is,  the time or what city you are currently in.   You might possibly wake up in the morning forgetting altogether where you are. This includes when you are at home laying in your own bed.  Also, at some point it feels more comfortable in and out of hotels than where you actually live. 

Also,  popcorn for overnights are life.  

Happy New Year! 

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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