San Diego Layover 

I am back to the hub base of Dallas and yet still on my happy high of being in San Diego for a good layover. 

Just a few things make me happy and that is good coffee, 70 degree weather and lots of places to walk.  Oh and a really good Farmers Market.  I might have tried all of the things to taste test…just a little quick breakfast on my way to get my coffee. 

I really love being in California and being in San Deigo made me realize how much I truly missed being in California and on the coast.   I absolutely love the west coast.  

Friday even when I got in I had just enough time to head out and walk around to the Marina Park and do some wondering around downtown as well.  I didn’t stay out to late I wanted to get a good nights rest so I could get up in the morning and get the day started.  So glad I did. 

I’m not sure about other flight attendants but for myself, I like using my layovers has a sort of mini vacation.  I’m technically on a work trip but I like being able to get everything out of it that I can.   Exploring, tasting, seeing everything that I can.   There are certain places that you just wouldn’t normally go to and then there is San Deigo and why wouldn’t you? 

This was a last minute trip so I had no idea that I was going till the day of.   If I was a little more prepared as a flight attendant I would have some money put to the side for things like this.  Like going to a museum or the zoo.   My layover wasn’t at all a bust but a good way for me to walk around and get the lay out of the city and come up with ideas for the next time I am there.  And Oh do I have and idea for a weekend girls trip.  

Also for recently new flight attendants getting out there a few things to always pack in your purse.  It will save you when it’s those last few days before pay day…;) 

1. Popcorn

2. RX Bars. 

3. Band aids 

4. Neosporin 

When you are hungry and sitting in your hotel room and your funds are pretty much gone due to that fabulous trip to the Domincan it’ll save your hungry stomach.  And with that last little bit of money you have you can go and get you a coffee in the morning and if you are super smart and know how to properly use your Apple Pay money you could have also gone to a museum. 

Band aids and neoprene for your tired and blistered feet after walking all day long in your new sandals. 

But you know, this is just all hear say…. I totally always know how to use electronics, cause yeah. 

With love, 


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