Fort Worth Museum Day

I’ve got Doctor Who on and a cup of coffee and that is how I spend some of these week days now.  That and I am in between work trips and going out in 45 degree weather doesn’t sound fun today.  Though with all of the Midwest having a polar storm maybe I should complain about 45 degrees….though I have lived in Utah and there are parts and times of the year when negative 45 is a normal thing.  

Which brings me to things to do on a winter day.  If your not wanting to be outside for to long heading to the museum is certainly a great way to spend it. 

 If you are living outside of Fort Worth you can hop on the newly TexRail and head into downtown Fort Worth.  Until Feb. 1 Rides on the TexRail are free!  Win, Win for everyone.   I hopped on the train in Grapevinedepnding on how much time you have you can take a walk around downtown Grapevine.  There are plenty of boutiques and restaurants. 

The train ride was very smooth, seating is plenty with a good amount of room.  There are also ports for charging at each seat for your cellphones and tablets.  When I got into the train station in Fort Worth I headed over to Sundance Square and had brunch at Yolk.    I believe the restaurant closes around 2 so I had gotten there in time to get something to eat. It was still very well busy for the time of day.  And everyone was mostly getting breakfast.  My kinda of place.  At this point in the day, I was still unsure of what to do.  I tend to do this a lot, I have noticed.  I like asking locals about what to do, places to see.  I asked my waitress and she gave me some suggestions and while we were talking she told me about the museums and that on Fridays most of the museums are free.  So I decided to head on over to the Cultural District. 

  I should also note that as of right now the Rodeo is also happening and takes place down in the Cultural District as well.   I have been to a couple rodeos in Utah and I am looking forward to going in a few weeks before its done.  There is a lot to do and see this month. 

I first went to the Modern Art Museum.  Their main collection is called Big Camera Little Camera by Laurie Simmons.   Modern art can at times be a little confusing and a little bewildered at times.  But I do enjoy a piece when it makes you think, when it makes you uncomfortable.  I enjoy a piece of art that provokes something, I also enjoy just looking at something and wondering what it’s supposed to be as well.  That head tilt and the uhhhhhmmmm pretending like you know what it means when you have no idea.  Art my friends. That is art. 

I spent about an hour there and then headed over to Amon Carter Museum of American Art.  Part of the Museum was being rejuvenated so you couldn’t see all of the second floor.  But I spent a good amount of time with Georgia O’Keef and some of her friends.  We reminisced about the desert and how it’s just home and how you can feel time right underneath your feet.   She had a couple good friends with her as well Arthur Dove and Mars den Hartley there with her.    I decided to be good friends with them and that they should eventually come over to my place some time for a cup of coffee and some very enriching conversations about art, the desert and spirituality.  I told them I wanted to hear more about what they thought. I told Mr. Dove that his painting was how I felt when I was out in Southern Utah.  You feel the colors, and when you close your eyes you hear drums echoing.  His art work captured that, he graciously thanked me. 

I then headed over to the Cowgirl Museum and learned a little more about Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bills Wild West Show and her other cowgirl friends who also made a living being a cowgirl.   I liked Annie, I feel like if she was still around today she’d be someone II’d most likely look up to.   She was tough, lived in a mans world but made it work for herself. She was outdoorsy yet still seemed to embrace her feminine nature.   I’m not sure about others but I know for myself, especially in the past I have had a hard time trying to figure out what it means to be a women , what it means to be feminine.    I was uncomfortable in my skin, I was uncomfortable during those years when I was married.  I didn’t feel like I fit in.  I didn’t want to be a homemaker, I didn’t think I was good at being married and I was unsure about having children.  These where all things that where taught to me where feminine.   Annie reminded me of a poem I had started writing and then had rewrote and spoke in front of others about femininity and spirituality.    

It’s such a personal journey figuring out who we are, figuring out how to fit in, how to be comfortable with ourselves.  Looking at pictures of Annie Oakley, reading about her life it seemed like she was able to mold all of the parts of her together.   The Cowgirl Museum made me proud to be a women, reminded me that we can be tough and also be soft.  We are aloud to be both.   Be strong Ladies, Stand your ground.  You can like bright floral colors and command a room.  There is nothing wrong with liking lacy things and putting on a pair of work boots.  And if you need some reminding go look at some pictures of Annie Oakley. 

After the museums I headed back to the train station, back to Grapevine where I stopped at Grapevine Craft Brewery for a pint before heading back home.  

I am really glad I got out last Friday.  We should never stop exploring the places that we live or the places we are visiting. 

until Next time,

With Love, 


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