non-stop flight

i decided to hop on a flight sort-of last minute and go somewhere for a day.

so here i am in frankfurt, germany.   i got in around 7 am and by the time i got done with customs and figuring out the train i was checked into the hostel by 9 am.

i then showered and took a nap until 12.

i had planned on going to a museum or two but then you know how that first day of getting in somewhere, you need to formiliarize yourself? well that was me to day.  i walked and kept on walking until i really couldnt anymore.

i got a little teary eyed earlier today.  a mixture of happiness and tiredness will have that effect on you.

i am a little surprised that my first solo trip is to germany…. i kinda always thought it would be paris, france

but i am glad i did this.

and who does this….

jumps on a flight to some country across the seas for a day?

i guess i do.

i had planned on posting everyday until the 30th of april.  yesterday sort of through that off.   that and i forgot my notebook and pen….who am i, even?

i have noticed a few things while walking about….

the women here all wear lipstick.  i`m not sure why i noticed that. i think mostly they are far more natural with their makeup yet still have a little color on their lips.  everyone seems to be very polished in their dress, this could also be that it is the middle of the work week…

there are bikes everywhere…it seems everyone has one and everyone rides one.

the bike structure is something i haven’t seen this mega before.

it slightly reminds me of portland, oregon

no one folds their arms….i finally noticed this because through out the day as I walking i had mine folded around me to keep my hands warm and mostly to put my hands somewhere… i got a lot of strange stares from people.

i look like the majority of the population here but i have no idea what anyone is saying.

everyone here seems to be friendly, many people even tried speaking to me and i just sort of had that deer in the headlights look until i said i only speak english or someone would ask me for directions to someplace….a little awkward on my part.

there is a lot of nature here in the city.  parks, the river, trees, city gardens.

There is no loss at getting your attention.

i am going to go and enjoy the rest of the day before it is gone.

with love,


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