Wondering in Frankfurt, Germany

I honestly had no plans when hopping on a flight to Germany. All I had with me was my passport and my card and some change of clothes in my daypack. I had booked a hostel right before I left and that was really all the planning I did.

What to do or where to go was kind of left of in the air and to see what I felt like doing as I got there.

I mostly went just to prove that I could do it. To get over the fear of traveling alone or traveling to a foreign country.

We sometimes get caught up with others peoples fears of doing something. The mindset that people have of ‘It’s not safe and the why would anyone want to travel alone.’

I loved it, every moment of it. Even be tired and still pushing through just to see more. But I went at my own pace and felt no guilt when deciding not to go into any of the museums. I wanted to but then it was the thought of ‘I can just come back.’

I wanted to see the city. How people lived and went about the day. Frankfurt is busy and smells of baked bread. On just about every street with shops was some sort of small bakery with the front open to quickly buy a quick snack or lunch and coffee.

At a point with my walking expedition across the Main River along Schweizer Street I came along Lebe Gusund vegan bakery. I had no idea that it was a bakery just that there was coffee and a croissant fresh for me to try. The coffee was better than anything I have ever had before and I don’t say that lightly. The area I was in seemed very German, I had walked past all the more tourist areas and I had wanted more of a feel that was local.

I had sat in there happy and tired and satisfied with myself for finally going somewhere. I had watched as mainly women had come in the door to grab a bite to eat and how for a moment life moved in another part of the world.

I’ve dreamt of traveling for as long as I can remember and it feels like it has been this constant war within myself of just doing it. Not being afraid of going and trying. Of getting to a point within myself that I can be happy with where I am, enjoying the moment.

Years ago my ex husband had said something to me right before he left and it’s haunted me for a long time. He had said something about how even if I were to be traveling and living that life that I still wouldn’t be happy, I wouldn’t be content.

As I had sat at the little table in the bakery I thought about that once again and like another time as I was sitting in the passenger seat heading down the road to one of the many national parks, or going out to the east or heading to the west coast I was happy and content and I could be happy. It wasn’t fleeting, it was more like being home. Being whole.

I have pushed through some unseen barrier within myself and am finally feeling more like me.

The women who finds herself in some other country riding on trains and sleeping in hostels. Walking through streets and neighborhoods watching and seeing has people live their days. Finding myself in city gardens, and little dirt trails, and a daypack with only the essentials. Drinking beers and talking with other travels about their experiences.

Navigating Frankfurt was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I had a map and used that and at times taking out my maps on my phone with the little bit it could give me. I didn’t buy an international plan since I was only planning on being there for a day. It was nice to disconnect.

I think that is what draws me even more. I can disconnect from my phone and find myself connecting in other ways with nature, with other people, with myself.

Frankfurt was stunning to me in so many ways. I do hope to be back again and yet there are still so many more places to see and explore. I really could just spend a whole month in Germany.

…..and here are pictures

With love,


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