Biking in DFW 

A little while ago I rented a bike from the Grapevine Bike Center in Grapevine, Texas for a couple days.  It has been awhile since I have been on a bike and able to get out and explore.  To ride just for the the heck of it, to get out and stretch out my body, to push my myself.   It was the best two days I have spent here in the Dallas area and has gotten me back on track to buying my own bike soon. 

 When I first moved to the Dallas and Fort Worth area I looked into how many bike shops, the trail systems and who at the bike community looks like.    Dallas and Fort Worth does have a good bike community with a wide arrangement of different types of riders.  There are also several off road paved and non paved trails through out the area that I have been wanting to explore and ride. 

When I went and rented the bike I had an idea of where I was wanting to go but kind of left it up to how I was feeling that day.  I stayed north of Dallas and close to where I currently live.    There is a good size lake close by with 22 miles worth of trails.   I decided to go up to that area and check it out and possibly hike and ride around the area.   

When I rode up there and found the place, situated around the lake, with trees, dirt and small little cliffs I decided I was going to ride the trails.   And I tell you the bike ride to get there and get back to the house and the five hours I spent out there was all very well worth it.  

 Just thinking about that day is getting me all worked up again, I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun. I’m not at all sure why I hadn’t ever fully gotten into Mountain Biking before.  I had rode on flat easy trails on my last bike before but Oh My, this was on a complete different level.   I loved it and it was such a great stress reliever a great way to just be in the moment as well.  It was easy to get out of my mind while on the bike as your chasing down the trail and trying not to hit into any trees or tumble over hills and rocks. 

The trail I went to was North Shore up in Flowermound.  I went in through Rockledge Park Recreational area and payed a $1 bike fee.  I rode the bike from the Bike shop all the way up there and there really isn’t an easy way to get there on bike.  You mostly just shoulder ride it on highway 26 until you hit 2499 and just pray the whole time you don’t get hit.  I know its controversial but I like to ride with my music and ear buds.  Just the music helps the stress level from being at a high 100 to a decent high 80.    It also helps when people are honking or yelling at you through their window.  You can ignore it and keep peddling. 

After the ride I rode back to Grapevine and stopped at Grapevine Brewery Hop & Sting before getting back to the house before it got dark. 

The next day I had planned on riding down into Dallas proper but woke up a little later than what I was planning on and a little sore from the day before so I stuck closer to home and grapevine.   I rode up to Collyville to stop for breakfast and then rode through Southlake and stopped at REI because why not? Before I made my way up to Horshoe Trail.  I rode through there and around Grapevine before sadly having to take the bike back to the shop before they closed. 

I have missed that feeling, the sensation of being on a bike having that piece of me that feels more fully like myself.  It’s the most effective way for me to feel balanced out.  There are a lot of things I enjoy doing but biking connects me more to some inner part of me.  Feeling free, comfortable in my own skin, confident in my own abilities.  

It’s been awhile since I have pushed myself physically and I have missed that has well.  I thought about places I wanted to ride to, I thought about what I would need to pack up for a few days and ride out passed the city.  About places I could bike to and camp.  I thought about that long ride I have been wanting to take and what it would be like to get out far with out there people, just my thoughts, the rode and the bike I am on.   I have been wanting to push myself and this is what I keep coming back to.   A few days alone on a bike, setting up camp, taking it down figuring it out as I go. 

 Anyways, I think my mind is tarting to wonder so I think I will end it here. 

With love, 


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