Coffee and Chillicothe

One day I think I might write a book that details my explorations of coffee shops through southeast Ohio.  My nephew last night asked us before bed if we were ‘going to the coffee shop tomorrow?’ .   We have gone to three coffee shops in the two days of me being here.   Typically when I am out here visiting with it being so rural when my sister is working I drive into whichever town she is going to be working in and then while she is teaching, having meetings or working with her clients or at the hospital Henry and I go and explore, i.e the coffee shops.  The Huck needs some sort of substance after burning calories like most two year olds and I need high doses of caffeine to keep up with him.  It some times evens out, mostly I still crash before he does. 

In many of our fun explorations of southeast Ohio one of our favorite places to go back to is Chillicothe, Ohio.    It is a considerable sized town with plenty to offer an aunt who is entertaining any active two year old.  It appeases both of us.  We have two coffee shops to choose from, a library with with any number of toddler activities ( back in the fall we went to sing along, Huck and I both loved it),  a Children’s Museum, a very large park, a local book store with a children’s area and National Historical Culture Park.   I have to say we have done most of the things there and each time we have gone back I have never grown tired of the place.  There has always been something for us to whether it be walking through the whole of downtown and checking out all of the shops, to meandering through the neighborhoods to of course all of the other things we have found ourselves doing.  

I’m not sure why I am so stuck on Chilicothe but there has been something about its appeal that has certainly struck me.  It certainly is a charming little town.   It’s very Ohio to me the brick downtown buildings, the industrial parts of town, the trees galore that surround the town.   Who knows I could also be hyped up from all the coffee that I am getting while I am there.  Everything sounds like a great idea to me after a good latte. 

A few of the places:

Rost Coffee 

Paper City Coffee 

Wheatberry Books

Hopewell Culture National Historic Park

Mighty children’s Museum 

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