To Seattle with love 

Last week I met my mom for a day outing in Seattle to celebrate Mother’s Day.  She loves to go into seattle and I love to get out of Texas when I can.   We had a pretty full day walking around and exploring the city.  We met down in Pioneer Park Station, I rode the link line in from the airport and my mom came in using Amtrak. 

 We walked up around Pike Place and got brunch at Biscuit Bitch and sat outside on the patio chairs catching up and talking about family histories.   When I was about 13 my mom got really into our family history going back through on both sides of her family line.   As I get older and look back on my own memories there is always someone who has the family stories. Sometimes I feel like our families are all tangled about the history getting lost with each generation.  I know for myself I have a hard time remembering and holding onto the stories and then also wondering if I ever really knew the people being talked about. 

 From the Pike Place district we walked up to the Space Needle which was a walk every which way was a hill.  I loved it my mothers knees hated it.  We enjoyed the views up there and with it being still only May and it was during the week there was no line and not over crowded at all.  We were really able to just hang out up there as long as we wanted, taking pictures and just admiring it all.   It was certainly a normal Seatte day with it being cloudy and it raining on and off but it was still rather impressive to me. 

We took the train back down towards the Pike district and went and strolled through pike place and then went and walked around around the water and ferries before making our way to a local brewery ( Optimism Brewering Company) before it was time for each of us to head on our ways.  

My mom headed back home and I was able to meet up with a friend and end the day with a walk around other parts of Seattle and sit on a park bench while admiring one of the best rainbows I have ever seen.  I am sure if you put in #seattlerainbow you will be able to see pictures of the very brightly vibrant rainbow over Seattle that day. 

And the ends the day in Seattle…

With love, 


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