June, birthdays, moving, weddings and more

Well I have moved with the onset of the first of June I hoped on a plane and made several flights back and forth between Texas, Utah and North Carolina.

I flew out right on the first to make it for a friends wedding. It was beautiful, back in the valley along the lake. I might have been a little jet lagged but these days when am I not? I am just glad I got to make it and it worked out with the timing of my moving dates. I’m not sure the next time I’ll be able to make it to another wedding, thankfully most of my friends are married now and I don’t have to worry about not being there.

In between all the moving and the wedding stuff my niece had gotten on the phone one morning while I was in the airport and then somehow talked me into flying out to North Carolina to see her because she missed me so much. Turning down a four year old is becoming very difficult these days.

Truth be told I use my benefits to fly out to see my nieces and nephew far more than flying out to Paris. Which I haven’t flown out to Paris. It’s on the docket as well as Spain, Italy, Peru and all the other countries but then I feel guilty that the little ones are growing several inches, being potty trained, learning to read, learning to garden and I am missing it all with my crazy schedule. A crazy schedule that allows me to go back “home” once a month if I so choose.

So I went to North Carolina for a few days and spent windy afternoons on the beach, getting ice cream, snuggling and exploring with my people.

My birthday has come and went. I’m not sure that getting older makes us wiser as much as it gives us crinkles along our eyes and foreheads and makes our knees hurt after getting up off the floor from whatever reason made us sit or lay on the floor in the first place. My birthday came and went with out much fuss to it. I worked as most people do on their birthdays though mine was spent with people I didn’t know, with delays and hotel stays in cities at this point I don’t remember. I did work with a great crew and felt spoiled and genuinely had a good time.

If anything that I have learned in the 32 years of my life it would be that we make it with the best that we have. Find a way to slow down a little, enjoy what you do have and appreciate where you are in life. If there is one thing that the past 10 years have taught me anything it’s that we really don’t know where the next six months or year will bring us. We make small little choices each day that culminate into these bigger choices. Or at least reflecting on my own life that seems to be how things work out.

This month in Utah has flown by ( literally ) most of my time spent here has been away on work trips or pleasure trips. Yet the time that I have been here as been getting to know my roommate, getting to listen to live music, exploring SLC more, biking, hiking setting up my little room to my liking.

In the last month I feel refreshed, less stressed, more calm and hopefully slightly funnier.

It’s okay I still laugh at my own jokes.

I’m glad to be back.

With love,


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