On Bike Riding

I’m on the train from Ogden heading back down to SLC. I went up to Ogden to meet with a bunch of other outdoor enthusiasts for a summer meet and greet of sorts… mostly just a few old friends getting to re-catch up and being up any ideas for group hiking, biking, paddle boarding, yoga, canyoneering activities for the summer.

I ended up not having to fly today so it worked out perfectly to be able to go to one of the functions. Typically my schedule never allows me to. This time it oddly worked in my favor.

I did have to wait until later in the afternoon to be able to head up. (#reservelife) but it worked out. I decided to bike half of the way up. I took the Jordan River trail from my place that connected to all of the other paved trails leading up to Farming Station where I then hoped on the train and took it all the way to Ogden.

It was a good smooth ride, all except some odd bugs attacking me. I did see several others out using the trail. Biking, walking, running. There isn’t much protection from the sun not too many places to stop and refuel for water so depending on how long you are planning to ride take lots of water with you. I thankfully did bring an extra water which helped.

I am glad I got out today. It would have been nice to be able to ride all day or to even have gone hiking as well but I try not to beat myself up about what I’m not doing. Since moving back to Utah I have been far more active than what I have been since November. I’m also not where I was last summer either and I have to remind myself that it is a climb back up to that condition.

I have been lucky in a lot of ways that the last week I have gotten to ride everyday. And I have been able to push myself as well and suffer threw it until I remember that I somehow enjoy all of this.

I think it’s a little bit of a sense of pride for myself. A little bit of freedom, a little fun and a good workout. With the riding I also feel a lot less stress which is what I need. Biking can be stressful but there are plenty of moments that are awe moments.

I also just really love seeing the world on two peddles. You end up seeing it all. The best of what the world can be and even the worst of what the world can be.

So much of life is just moving through the motions rather than actually looking about you. With biking it makes you slow down just a little bit more. Or at least the way I ride does. You take different routes that you wouldn’t take if you where just driving and most of the time it’s not just about getting from point A to point B. It turns into point A to point Z and a bunch of other half stops in between that.

I think because of all of these things and how biking can push you on a completely different emotional and mental level it has made me a kinder person. I’m calmer, more understanding, I’m more playful.

There is also something to be said about a nice long stretch with music blaring in your ears with no one else but the cows and horses and the dragonflies.

With love


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