A day in the Bay

Bay Area

I haven’t been over in the west side of the bay before. Besides driving through for a quicker route to get into San Francisco. It’s July and it’s perfect weather here. It won’t get any warmer than 70 today and I walked just over the bridge from the hotel to see what the options were for coffee. On one block on one side there are five options specific coffee shops.

Walking over to broadway Street I was reminded how very distinct California smells. Really, how different all of the states smell. It’s such a mixture of so many smells combined that it works in this very subtle way.

Memories are interesting with how they are attached to certain smells. How my coffee smells and tastes with the way the breeze just sits passed the back of my arm, the way the busy street sounds as people walk by, cars are stopping and going. The sound of the tires on the pavement. They take you back to moments and for a moment it’s as if you have never left.

San Francisco and the surrounding area have for so many reasons been my favorite city. From my very first visit so many years ago to my last. It holds so many good memories and also the sad. It holds more good for me. It entices me, grips me and holds me in some place where only I dwell.

With love,


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