That time your phone breaks

So here’s a story for you….

Over the weekend as I am flying along somewhere in the PNW as we are boarding passengers and we have the music playing I am in the back of the aircraft dancing mainly to keep myself entertained and I am getting the other flight attendant to crack a smile (my gift to the world people).  Dancing goofily to make everyone around me chuckle and to be truthful these days we need some laughter.  We need some lightness for us to get through all of this we need to still find some joy.   So I am being goofy in the back as we are boarding trying to see if I can get other passengers to even crack a smile.  Some notice and do and others don’t notice.  Eventually we are getting ready to finish boarding and she goes to make her announcement and accidentally calls me on my line in the back I go to grab the phone and then put it back and somehow down goes my cellphone from the top of my Jumpseat to the floor of the aircraft. I try to hurry and grab it and it’s too late.  I pick it up and the lights are off on it, there is darkness and lines I curse to myself and then there is a voice a very disappointing voice I hear and my name being called.

My mind swarmed for two days. Hoping and praying that somehow it would magically just start working again. How was I going to pay for rent?  How can I get into venmo, my main account, my debit card.   My life is all on that phone.  Thankfully I have learned a few things like mainly backing up pictures.  But good lord for someone who does not like having complications in my life I have certainly added more than what I needed to.

Two years, I have taken very good care of this phone for two years. Kept it in its case made sure to try not to lose it or to have anything else happen to it.  I have a very poor record for keeping my phones safe.  Of course that time that I knock the lights out of my phone is the time that we are going through a pandemic and Apple and Best Buy’s Geek Squad are temporally closed.   So I am now back to what I like to call my burner phone.  A super basic flip phone all it does is call and text.  Basically just having that so work can get a hold of me since everyone in the industry is back to #reservelife (that’s supposed to be funny so we all don’t start crying).

There is also something about going to Walmart that just puts all of your anxieties up at the front or going anywhere outside of your house these days.

I am still working, still flying, still living life in hotel rooms even more now than ever.

I’ll be meal prepping tonight and then gone once again tomorrow.  I would say I am also packing but like I said before I don’t leave the hotel rooms except for the airport then that’s walking around counting all the crew to passengers so really all we need is pajamas and maybe yoga pants.  (Yoga and Netflix) ha! Just Netflix.

Well I think this effort deserves to end with hopefully a picture… For those of you who have made it this far.

With love,

P.S Thank you to all those who are suspending your travels and staying home.

P.S.S wash your hands always please….Also always wear shoes to the Lavatories (bathrooms)

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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