Basic Flight Attendant Meal Prep Esstentials

A reminder that today is Friday which I thought was Friday two days ago but here we are.  Not that it really matters to most of us.   Many of us are still doing what we have been doing for the last month at home looking at the same people from last week.  

 I am currently in Kansa City on an overnight and the most exciting thing I did today was go to the grocery store, oh and get a mocha from Starbucks at the airport.  That was exciting because I haven’t had one in a week. It was delicious.


 For crew that stay here in Kansas City there is a grocery store not but a block away from the crew hotel for those of you who forgot to pack or just couldn’t get to the grocery store to pack or for those of you who are now on #reservelife and don’t know how to pack for that, there is a grocery store for that…:)


 The grocery store is called Cosentino’s Market.  There are hot sandwiches that you are able to get to order and they also have yummy baked goods which I gabbed for my morning coffee tomorrow.  As always go in mind with what you need to be efficient and quick. 

For those of you who are unsure of what to pack who are new to the game of #reservelife after years of holding a line or new to meal prepping as flight crew.

Here are a few essentials:

Tuna packets



Protein bars




Organic Everyday Dal

These are my basics what I always try to have in my cooler at all times.  They are easy to prepare, portable and packable.  

If I am in a six day bucket and not sure what my schedule is going to look like for that week I know I can pack three tuna packets, three of the Dal’s, a bag of crackers and quinoa and I know that for that week I will at least be able to eat until I can get to a grocery store.  I also have those in there as well if it is coming towards the end of a pay period and I may not have enough money until pay day I at least have something to get me by.  These are cheap meals and depending on how much you eat you can turn one of those packets into two meals.  

This also works as well for those that may to have a cooler. You can pack most of this into your purse or in your carry on as well. 

Well this post turned out differently than what I was intending it to be, anyways I hope this was useful and helpful in some way to you.  

With love, 


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