Ireland Dublin to Galway



Girls Trip October 5th-11th, 2019: Day 1

Kelsey and I flew into JFK were we had a good long layover.  We took an Uber into Astoria on Long Island in-between Queens and Brooklynn.  (I go into Astoria often for work and I love the neighborhoods).  We met Kelsey cousins at SingleCut Beersmiths for a pint and to catch up with them.  We had several hours so they took us around to get pizza at one of their favorite pizza places.  Autumn in the city gave me all the feels for You’ve Got Mail. 


After our shenanigans in the city we got back to the airport to get on our 8 hour flight into Dublin.  We grab some snacks (chocolate) for the flight and then got our selves ready to get settled for the long flight.   I had bought a blanket about a month prior to going on the trip at the farmers market.  I wanted something to go on my bed that was warm but also light and its turned out to be the perfect travel blanket as well.  So I brought my Lazy Llama blanket for the flight, hostel, bus rides and train rides.   On the longer haul flights you always get a blanket, pillow, eye mask and ear plugs.  It took me no time to fall asleep.  By the time we knew it we had landed in Dublin.

dublin day 1 jess


It took a little longer than I had originally expected to go through Customs in Dublin. We got through and then had to get out to take the bus that would take us to the train station to go to Galway.   When we finally got to the train station we had to book it to get our ticket for the train.  It was getting ready to leave and well we ended up missing that train and had to wait another two hours before we could leave.  We decided to go and walk around the city, grab coffee and stretch out from the flight.  Even with the flight we were both tired and felt gross from not being able to brush our teeth, change and clean up after the flight.


Travel isn’t without its stress, sometime that morning between the airport and the train station my card had been put on hold due to international charges I was trying to make on it. With it being Sunday and ++ hours now ahead of the United States and where my bank was I would have to wait until Monday to get ahold of my bank which meant it would be about three days before I could really start using my card.   What a way to start off on a week long trip.



After walking around for a bit along the river we headed back to the train station and waited for the train.  We were able to get on and find seats and enjoy the views out the window.  The train ride was 2 hours from Dublin, it was comfortable and smooth ride.



We got into Galway and right across the station was our hostel.  We checked in and then went and cleaned up and went out for dinner and drinks and the see a little of Galway.  We didn’t stay out to late since we were already tired and we had a Day tour the next morning.

We had fun checking that first evening around Galway, checking out the pubs, getting food and talking about the week ahead.

To check out the prices and times for the Irish Rail check here

To check out my Alpaca Hat and Blanket check here

For hostels we booked through HostelWorld.

For our Day Trip Excursions we used

next post Cliffs of Moher Day trip from Galway.

with love,



and out takes of the day:



our neighbors behind us were very disruptive, loud and vulger. Don’t be one of those families on public transportation.



who is always excited about chocolate (obviously I am)


pictures taken by Kelsey


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