Exploring Galway

In-between getting to Galway, the Day tour we took and then heading back into Dublin we didn’t get to spend to much time sightseeing and exploring all of what Galway had to show.  We barely skimmed what was there.


On our two nights there we did go out and explore the nightlife. Many of the shops will stay open a little later in the Spanish District from all the tourist coming back from their day trips so if you are wanting to get an Irish Aran Sweater but not getting back till later don’t fret many of them were open till 8 or 9.   As the shops were closing up the pubs and restaurants were brimming with people and music.   Traditional Irish music was typically done between 4 and 6 then after that you had local bands coming in and playing covers or their own.  Kelsey and I stuck mainly within the Spanish District and around the Erye Square were we could easily get to our hostel when we were good and ready.





That Tuesday morning of Kelsey and I’s return to Dublin we got up a little earlier so we could go and look a little farther from the Spanish Quarter.  I wanted to check out down by the shore and The Spanish Arch and get a feel for what every day life is like outside of the bustling tourist areas.

The Galway Museum wasn’t open but if you don’t have time there is an app you can download for a walking tour of Galway.  Going to the Galway official website will help guide you as well with what to go see and do while visiting. There are also a bunch of different sites that cover the history of Galway and the surrounding areas.



Our first spot that we got down to was the Shore.  There was just a slight rain as we were walking around which I think helped with the feel of the historic shore.  We then walked along the shore up to the bridge past the Fisheries Watch Tower and over into the Westend district.  The style of the shops and the feel of the neighborhood is very different from the very lively Spanish District.  While walking around and into Westend we had spotted a local Brewery that Kelsey and I would have been delighted to have gone to one of the evenings.  While over in Westend we grabbed coffee and kept walking. We walked for a good couple of hours going through one of the Campuses and around the Galway Cathedral till finally heading back into the Spanish District and over to the Bus Station to head back to Dublin.











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