Taco’s and a flight


This morning I worked my way into Pasco where the crew and I had a few hours so the captain rented a car so we could all go and get food in town.  Due to the situation at hand many of the airports are limited or have closed all food and shops down, mainly at the smaller airports there are even less options.   We are also having a lot longer sits as well in between flights Which gave us the perfect opportunity to head out, that and we had an awesome Captain who wanted to get out as well.

We drove down the main street into town that will easily take you to the bridges which seemed to be all the rage today to drive over.  We made a big circle covering both bridges and checking out part of the town.

We stopped at Mexico Lindo Y Que Rico to order our to go tacos and then took those over along the Columbia River to enjoy. We parked at the trail for the Sacagawea Heritage Trail site.

After our jaunt we headed back to the airport and then flew back home.

I came home had dinner with my roommate, made some homemade Peanut Butter Cups and then took a bike ride around town.

Summertime is where it is at.  All the extra time to get to do all the things.  And have the energy to do more of the things or at least psych yourself into believing you have the extra energy to do all the things.

Either way I’m not mad about it.

Today was one of the many reasons why I continue to be grateful for my job and that I am still able to fly.

With love,



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