San Antonio

For the last couple of weekends I have had a couple overnights in San Antonio with enough time to get out and walk along the Downtown River Walk and around the Alamo.


San Antonio has been one of those places since I was a kid I wanted to visit.  I was really big into history and thought it would be so neat to do a family vacation there and I could see the Alamo up close rather than just reading about it.

Since I wasn’t able to visit any of the museums I did get myself acquainted with most of the downtown area along the river walk.


My first morning there I was able to locate a grocery/coffee shop near my hotel (Royal Blue Grocery). There seemed to be a good selection of Wines and Beer as well that you could buy to add to a lovely little picnic or to take back to your hotel as well.

My next stay the other flight attendant and I decided to meet up and see if we couldn’t find a place for breakfast.  We did and they also had mochas on the menu (Shilo’s).  They had all the tables distanced out, all staff wore face masks to protect themselves and wore gloves when bringing out our food and drinks. They also have it set up for an entrance door and exit door.

The weather was beautiful both times that I got to go, while weather in Utah at the time was windy and a bit of the chillier side I got to escape for a bit in dresses and sandals. feeling for a bit like I was in some exotic beach vacay for a few short hours.

With the limited people out and about and heading from the hotel earlier in the morning was a great time to admire and take lots of pictures.  So here is the photobomb for San Antonio.









well thank you for this mornings walk,

with love,



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