Dublin Castle- Day 3 of Ireland


Day 3 of Girls Trip: Dublin Castle

Kelsey and I left Galway mid-morning after exploring a little more of the town and breakfast and then took a 2 hour and 30 min bus ride

We only really had that afternoon to explore Dublin as we had two other days filled with more tours.  While on the bus we looked up where our hostel was at from the bus station and what was in-between the hostel and the station.   At some point we decided on going to the Dublin Castle before heading to our hostel.

*side note: when traveling I typically just travel with my day pack and carry everything I need in that bag for the duration of my trip.*  

We made our way from the station over to the Castle and then took a group guided tour.  The tour was in depth from discussing times from the medieval to current.

The tour first took us outside of the entrance of the castle and then into the building of the entrance of the Viking Excavation where the old walls of the castle where first built that was built next to what used to be a river that was above ground and helped create a mote around the castle.   There is also a miniature size medieval castle and what it would have looked like and where the borders and towers where at for its defensives.

We then went out and into The Chapel Royal learning about the architectural history of the chapel and its purpose and uses.  Once we were done in the Chapel we then went back to the main area of the castle and into The State Apartments.

The State Apartments hold a vast collection of Irish art and portraits.  The castle was a central use for the monarchy of England with the castle being used for a few weeks out of the year for diplomatic purposes from The Royal Vicarage.  We has learned more of the independence of Ireland from England and the government set up and how the Castle is still used for inaugurations and State functions.

Once we ended with the State Apartments we went out into the gardens to explore and of course take lots more pictures.















dublin castle jess2

we then took ourselves to our hostel cleaned up and then went out for dinner not staying out too late as we had another full day tour.

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4 thoughts on “Dublin Castle- Day 3 of Ireland

  1. We used to live in Dublin for then years before we decided to start new on Ireland’s West coast. I haven’t been back for a very long time and your post reminds me how much there is to see and do. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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