Weekend at Cape Lookout

Last month I was invited to join a weekend trip for Father’s Day weekend out to Cape Lookout National Seashore. I moved some work trips around and things seemed to work out for me to join in the fun out on part of the Outer Banks Islands.

Friday we all gathered and caravanned it from New Bern over to Davis to rent 4wheelers and to get on the ferry that takes you out to the island.

Services for the cabins, ferry and 4WD side-by-sides was through Cape Lookout Cabins & Camps, Inc.

We made it over to the island early in the afternoon and we spent the rest of the day hanging out by the cabin that was right along the beach playing and swimming.

Saturday morning when we were all up and awake we had breakfast and then got everything gathered up and into the 4WD and went on an hour drive along the beach and island over to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. We swam some more, had lunch and explored some of the islands old houses and buildings before the island was turned into a National Park and you had people living out on the island and those who were out there to rescue crews on ships that were caught in storms.

On our first night we had a small fire on the beach for smore’s and got some stare gazing in. The night sky out on the island was almost void of light and we were able to watch the stars as they moved across the sky through the night.

Saturday afternoon part of the island had a good rain storm near our cabin while we were down on the other end at the lighthouse. At night it made for a beautiful lightning show while listening to the bullfrogs and another evening of stargazing.

Sunday morning was packing up, breakfast and one last dip in the ocean for a swim and back on the ferry. Everyone was wiped out from all the excitement and fun we had and we were all in bed early after lunch and ice cream in downtown New Bern.

I hope everyone had a great weekend with family.

with love,


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