The Flight Hustle

Two Days….

That’s how long it took for me to get back into Utah from North Carolina. I left New Bern yesterday morning for Atlanta, then had to make the decision to either stay in Atlanta over night and try to get out today from there or try to get back to Salt Lake City elsewhere. I then chose to get on a flight into Houston, booked a hotel and then back at trying to get on flights out of Houston and get closer to Salt Lake. One of my options was to fly to Las Vegas and try to either fly out or take the greyhound bus. I didn’t make it on the Vegas flight but finally got out of Houston and am now finally at home.

Needles to say I am tired and after two days and a sleepless night in the hotel I am glad to be back. Though already missing being back in North Carolina soaking up the sun, sand and fresh sea air.

There has been a bit more struggle lately for people travel and for many crew members trying to either make it back home or to get to work when living out of base and I was reminded the last two days why I don’t full-time commute for work. In the almost two years of working in the airlines and traveling around this was the first time while domestically flying I had gotten stuck. If it wasn’t for our companies new policy set up currently to help commuters due to the affects of changes from Covid-19, I might have been stuck another night in Houston.

Non-Reving when it comes down to it is a gamble. A risk we take and a risk for the most part that typically works in our favor. Its all really about knowing how to play the game and knowing all the ways that you can get to your destination. It’s also about mind juggling as well, sometimes its a lot of fun and then there are those times when it is not so much fun.

It all just depends on how much time you give yourself and how well you do under pressure.

……Maybe that is what it is a pressure-cooker.

Well I made it back, back to work, back to real life.

I really enjoyed my nice long visit back on the coast.

With love,


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