Gardening with Roommates

My roommate, Austin and I decided to put in a garden this spring and the garden has been doing wonderfully. Last time I tried to get a garden going all the plants besides the weeds had survived. So determinedly I decided I would never try to grow anything again-Ha! Eventually we get peer pressured into gardening with friends and then all of a sudden you are in your 30’s and gardening sounds like an excellent idea.

I had a lot of extra days off through the spring season due to Coronavirus and the upheaval in the airline industry so what better way to spend time in the backyard with your roommates cultivating the yard and growing food.

Now it seems I do nothing but talk of gardening, how to get the tomatoes to grow and what to plant and do wants fall comes around.

Austin and I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, snap beans & lettuce. I also bought some seeds to grow veggies from seeds once February comes back around.

If any of you readers of any suggestions on books on gardening and/or websites, videos on tips on gardening please send them my way.

the garden now June 2020
Garden April 2020

with love,


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