Emigration Canyon Ride

yesterday after I got home from my turn into Santa Barbara I hurried up and got myself ready to go and finally ride up Emigration Canyon.

It’s a popular ride for cyclist here in Utah and one I hadn’t done yet. Too nervous, didn’t think I could do it, intimidated and mostly just thinking I had to be some other sort of rider that i’m not.

The last little bit I have been working myself up to riding up emigration by riding from my house to Hoogle Zoo and then working my way around the neighborhoods along the bench. I have to say Emigration was a bit easier than some of these hills along the bench.

The canyon was beautiful yesterday and a perfect day for an evening ride. It’s been on the cooler side the last little bit in Utah which has helped wanting to get out and go on longer rides. The rest of this week will be working its way back up to warmer temperatures.

As everyone else was passing me along the road I took my time climbing and looking out around me. The homes against the backdrop of the canyon with their beautiful gardens. The peaks after peaks popping out the farther you travel through the canyon. It’s amazing the wonder and awe that is right near us when we venture out even just a little from our normal vicinity.

When I got home last night from my ride my legs started to feel like jelly I couldn’t decide if I was hungry enough to make anything or to just go to bed. That to me is a good ride.

All around my ride ended up being right around 28 miles total.

From my home I went up to downtown then rode up S. Temple till I hit University St.

*South Temple was an easy grade climb to get up to the bench. It is busier with motorist but far better ride the whole ride up 800 S.

From University St I turned up 400 S around the university stadium and then cut over to Guardsman Way that then took me over to E. Sunnyside Ave.

East Sunnyside Ave is then the road you take all the way up to the mouth of the canyon for Emigration. Once I got into the canyon I then rode just a little bit past Pinecrest Canyon Rd. You start getting into the switchbacks at that point and though they aren’t terrible I wasn’t really sure how far I wanted to keep going and at a certain point vulgar language is being thrown at asphalt and I wasn’t sure if I should keep insulting the road.

I am a little bummed that the canyon will be closed to cyclist after the 6th until the end of September. Which means I only have two more days to ride up the canyon before I leave for work and then its closed by the time I get back home.

I’ll be finding more places to ride that will help push me and to get out and to be out in nature.

With love,


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